Grow Taller 4 Idiots & 4GrowTaller (Scam Review & Analysis)

Surgery | Written by Joshua Leaf | Updated on January 28, 2022

A man is holding cash and scratching his head in confusion while a caution sign and a book that says "growtaller4idioits book of lies" floats above him.

Grow taller 4 idiots (GT4I) is a manipulative marketing e-book or DVD program that thrives on others’ insecurities and has little to no scientific research to back up its claims. The site sales page is quite convincing if you haven’t researched the topic, so we’ll show you exactly why it’s a scam, review some of their deceptive marketing techniques, and show you how to avoid these type of ploys in the future.

Please note, they also run or have affiliation with the site 4 Grow Taller (4GT), in which every link redirects to the GT4I site. Links to both sites can be found in the references section. 

Is Grow Taller 4 Idiots a Scam?

GrowTaller4Idiots is a scam that promises to increase height through unproven methods. The program that promises to make anyone grow taller through natural means isn’t backed by research, has contradicting information, and includes an array of deceptive marketing tactics.

With that said, much of what these sites preach is excellent advice to promote overall health but does nothing to increase an adult’s height.

Contradicting Information & Deceptive Marketing

These websites appeal to adults who want to increase their height. Yet, upon digging deep into the website, even their articles say nothing aside from surgery can lengthen bones once they quit growing (usually around ages 18-20 or so for males).

Yet their main sales page or homepage says adding several inches is possible “no matter what your age is.”

So essentially, they’re guaranteeing anyone can get taller through healthy lifestyle choices on the homepage when nutrition, exercise, and sleep are only a small factor in children’s height development. These three factors will not make adults any taller since their growth plates are fused.

This is both deceptive and contradicting, but let’s dig even deeper.

The homepage or sales page of GT4I guarantees the “secret combination of specific height gain methods” can make someone “2-4 inches taller in 8 weeks!“.

Yet, their terms and conditions say, “No promises or claims are made by this Site, E-Book or Program.” and they do not claim “that you will achieve the same height increase as past clients or any height increase at all.“. To say the least, they can’t decide if the program works or not themselves.

Lastly, they offer a free download of their ebook on Amazon, but all of the reviews say it’s just a pdf of their homepage or a lengthy sales page with tons of consumer psychology techniques and countless discounts.

GrowTaller4Idiots Discount Overview

Fake discounts are often used to push urgency and convince the reader they’re getting a bargain.

When we first landed on the website, we scrolled to the bottom of the page while skimming the content. This is where we found a special offer of $47 when the retail price usually is $207. What a bargain, right?!

It gets even better.

Next, another discount offer popped up for a $10 discount which brought down the price to $37, but I only had 10 minutes to check out!

We followed this pop-up to the checkout page to see what else they had up their sleeve. After staying on the checkout page for a minute or two, another pop-up arose that offered a “massive 50% discount”, bringing the price down to $23.50.

So the price has gone from $207 – $47 – $37 – $23.50 with a grand savings of $183.5. If a deal seems too good to be true, it’s generally an indication that something is off. This technique is commonly seen on infomercials where they drop the price multiple times, and on tv, they usually throw in a second item for the same price.

However, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days if anyone wants to give them a try. Money-back guarantees are common for sales pages since most people will forget to ask for a refund. The guarantee also helps protect their merchant accounts from being shut down due to charge-backs or disputes from angry consumers.

They also offer an affiliate program, which isn’t necessarily scammy, although it does help them build authority across the web from other websites linking to them. An affiliate program allows other websites and blogs to sell GT4I’s product and get a percentage of the sale. Per some sources on the web, the commission could be up to 75%.

An Honest Review of Grow Taller 4 Idiots

Upon reviewing these 4 Grow Taller, and its counterpart, it’s clear they aren’t in it to help people. Instead, they intend to cash out on people’s desire to become taller, insecurities, and forgetfulness to ask for a refund.

To deceive people who want to be taller, they preach that nutrition, sleep, and exercise can make anyone grow. But in reality, this is only somewhat applicable in children. Not for anyone of any age, as they claim. They also suggest stretching to get taller, but this is only beneficial for improving posture and maximizing existing height.

To recap, they promote getting taller naturally in adults but don’t back up their claims. Their terms and conditions contradict their sales page since they can’t seem to make up their minds if a person of any age can get taller with their methods. And their Amazon free download is just another attempt to divert users to their sales page and increase conversions.

Oh, and we didn’t mention, but across Quora and other forums, it seems they may be dropping random comments to back up their product. However, there’s no way to prove this.

Not to mention their countless sales to push urgency and convince the reader they’re getting a bargain.

How Can I Get Taller? Grow Taller 4 Idiots Alternatives

Now that GT4I’ & 4GrowTaller’s methods are debunked, we can explore other solutions to getting taller.

Children have the chance to optimize their outside environmental factors (food, sleep, nutrition), but adults can’t make themselves taller naturally or through holistic methods. So if someone is still young, they have even more incentive to live healthily and maximize potential height.

Adults may wear heel lifts, elevator shoes and work on their posture to appear taller. In addition, if height is bothersome to an individual, they may also explore various forms of therapy.

If all else fails, adults over 18 can get longer legs and permanently increase their height 2-6 inches through cosmetic limb lengthening surgery. Still, they should understand the inherent risk of the procedure and the costs and time one must invest in growing taller through leg lengthening surgery.

No matter what one chooses, always prioritize health and safety first. Individuals should always speak to a healthcare professional if they or a loved one faces difficulties or dissatisfaction about their height.


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