Get Taller With Leg Lengthening Surgery

When people hear about leg lengthening surgery (a cosmetic procedure to get taller), they’re either fascinated, shocked, judgmental, or somewhere in between

Despite what mainstream society might tell us, wanting to be taller is quite common

Even though countless people worldwide wish they were just a few inches taller, most of these dreamers are unaware that increasing their height is a real possibility

Many people who want to get taller simply want to see eye-to-eye with their peers and be treated as an equal. On the other hand, some people want to increase their height to level the dating playing field, lessen anxiety, or stop the psychological distress that comes along with height-hating remarks (heightism) and the accompanying height dysphoria (dissatisfaction with one’s height and also known as height neurosis). 

Even though height is a subjective measurement and genetically predetermined, we’ve all seen or heard about height requirements when it comes to dating.

Time and time again, people of shorter stature are devalued, discriminated against, and made fun of for something they have no control over

We will be the first to admit these remarks are unacceptable and even more so in a newfound world of body positivity. Still, that doesn’t stop the height-hating comments or their accompanying emotions.

If you genuinely suffer due to your short height, we have good news for you.

Thanks to modern technology, anyone can now take fate into their own hands and make themselves taller. That’s right, in the 21st century, the only thing stopping someone from being taller is the time and costs of limb lengthening surgery.

But is cosmetic height surgery worth it? That’s for you to decide.

If you’re worried about proportions after limb lengthening or curious how you’d look next to people of different heights, check out our height comparison tool to visualize the difference. In the meantime, may this site serve as a free resource for anyone considering height surgery.

No matter what you decide, always prioritize safety above all else.

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